Blade 4 Breakfast

With DJ Blade

About DJ Blade

From his Standard 4 year, when he got his first cassette tape, DJ Blade just wanted to play and be involved with music. The radio DJ’s were like God’s, and he wanted to be one of them. And now with his loving wife’s support (of course) he is one. Mark is married with 2 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 “Platanna’s” a Bearded Dragon, and countless Koi to feed . (He’s an animal lover!!!)

His passion is DJ-ing and Cricket, although Golf is making inroads. For Mark the opportunity to present on Edenvale Radio was a dream come true, because making just one person smile while presenting his show or DJ-ing makes him feel a whole lot better about his day. Knowing that people are listening and enjoying the show, makes him feel good.

Tune in every Sunday form 10h00-12h00 for the weeks Top Twenty Countdown…with a difference!

DJ Blade will play THE REAL TOP 20 music!!

With his awesome DJ skills, zany sense of humour and amazing knowledge of the hits of today, he’ll take away the Sunday Blues!!!