The F Show

With Rock and Pastor Brain
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About Rock

Roarke Lessing is a self-taught everything…..from computer Teccie, through Training and Public Speaking, Gem and Mineral identification to Radio Station Manager and Presenter. Music has always been in his blood from when he started mixing and playing music on his favourite 45 or 78 at the tender age of 5.
He is passionate about his family, God, truth and living every moment to its fullest and is inspired by people who never give up. In terms of the future….it’s so bright he’s ‘gotta wear shades….

His watchword:…..” Do everything you can… and even when they say you can’t – YOU CAN !!!!!

Life is too short to let “them” stop you from being truly YOU!”

About Pastor Brian

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F = Faith, Family, Friends and Fun.

Roarke and Pastor Brian talk about the above in no particular order….but they guarantee the FUN!!!!

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